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Turned out to be an adventure.

A city skyline and rooftop were two of the requests for this super cool guys Senior session.

I saw a post with this backdrop shot by a fellow Houston photographer, not being protective of location he kindly shared its location.



Arrange to meet client and his mom around 6pm. Should have checked as the Astros were playing at home. We drive around the parking garage twice as almost all entry shutters were down.

A $30 entry fee was a now brainer to capture cool images, but no attendant or ticket from machine. Let’s bite the bullet and hit the roof. So off to level 8 we went.

Posed the car, briefed the client and off we went. Click, Click, Boom.

Slightly panicked, he asked his mom “What will we do if the barrier is down“ to which she calmly replied “We are going through it“. A little Go in 60 seconds moment.

Morale of the story, sometimes we have to take the chances to get that shot that leaves your client going back over and over their gallery.


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